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Are You Ready To:

  • Increase your happiness

  • Improve the quality of your life

  • Feel more calm, in control and confident?

  • Live more mindfully and be able to fully enjoy the present moment


Self-Study Video Course

A practical self-study video course to help you break free from the chains of anxiety so you can reclaim your joy of living. Learn at your own pace with a course that is yours for life.

  • Learn simple and practical techniques that you can use anywhere and anytime to reduce stress and anxiety

  • Learn to respond to life’s situations more consciously rather than reacting automatically

  • Boost self-confidence so you can fearlessly follow your inner guidance

Take one step closer to
less stress & more peace

today for only


Self-Study Video Course

A practical self-study video


to help you take back your own

power and increase resilience to life’s

setbacks and challenges. Learn at your own pace with a course that is yours for life.

  • Learn simple and practical techniques that you can use anywhere and anytime to reduce stress and anxiety

  • Cultivate mind-body awareness

  • Nurture self-compassion and develop self-regulation skills so you can let go limiting beliefs and behaviors

  • Foster a more positive and grateful mindset

Take back your power
& increase your resilience

 today for only


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Client Reviews

“I am thrilled to promote Sue’s online course for anxiety. The course is well put together, practical, easy to follow and easy to use. I would highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from anxiety. Having taken many courses like this myself it’s one I wish was there when I struggled myself with anxiety.”

- J.W. Psychotherapist, Cork, Ireland.

I would highly recommend Sue from inner happy. I did one of her online courses during lockdown which helped me deal with my anxiety during uncertain times. The techniques that Sue teaches are very easy to adapt into your day to day life so you can find your inner peace and a sense of calm.

Siobhan, Clare, Life Coach

Client Reviews


Susan is such an incredible person, with a deep healing soul. I was in a very dark place and in a terrible psycological, emotional and verbally abusive relationship. From being a highly successful woman and mother, I simply broke. I got very sick and was hospitalised many times. Throughout Susan was there for me, gently teaching me techniques to cope. I was a dead girl walking, but over the years I have clawed my way back and it was with the help of my very special friend. I continue to get better every day. Inner Happy is an inspired concept that provides a resource of healing and serenity, whether you are fighting for your life like I was or want to better manage your life, with serenity and confidence, finding your happiness and being an inspiration to those around you. It provides you with the tools to help and strengthen yourself. And Susan and her team always have your back. So much love.

-Tania, age 53, Writer, South Africa

"I found the 6 week sessions of Mindfulness to be very beneficial to me. Susan has an easy way of teaching, she has an open and relaxed personality which really helped me feel more comfortable. I learned breathing techniques and tips that will help me manage my anxiety and stress levels. I am thankful to Susan for sharing her knowledge and life experiences. This has helped me see how I can change how I react in situations. I appreciate Susan's time and her teaching me, as I have learned lots of useful tips from her in the 6 weeks."
- Lisa,  age 23, Galway Ireland


"I found the course to be fun and engaging. It was very informative and practical. It opened my eyes and helped me to see things from a new perspective. It gave me new skills to practice and use in everyday life. I recommend this mindfulness course."

- John, age 26, Galway, Ireland

For me the six sessions content, the pace of delivery and the titles of each session worked very well, as they all blended in well and at the end, provide a solid comprehensive tool kit of Mindfulness skills to use, to positively benefit many aspects within you life (well-being and health, stress management, inner happiness, deeper self awareness etc).

I would highly recommend doing this Mindfulness course with Susan. Thank you Susan."

- anonymous client

"Great advice and so positive. Makes me realise I need Be able to set boundaries for myself, including saying no, to allow me to be at my full potential. Then you can give more fully  to others."

- self-compassion workshop attendee

"We completed the course over the weekend . My daughter said that she’ll be going over them again as and when needed - as will I.

Thank you, thank you again. This course has helped us in so many ways".

Mum to two teenagers


I love that she (teen daughter) immediately comes to me now when she’s feeling bad and we try to work through it and try to get to the source of what she was feeling. I love that when she can’t fully explain/articulate, she grabs her journal and writes or draws in it, about anything and everything. I really helps".

Mum to teenagers


"More positive habits are being instilled, and it’s so encouraging".



"I have been using the techniques learned from ‘my daughter's course’ which have definitely been helping me, too".

A happy Mum, Dubai.

 Meditation Reviews (Insight Timer)

In Torren, Mexico

Thank you 😊​


Very calming, wonderfully relaxing, extremely refreshing stress relieving meditation! Thank you! 🤗😤😎🤩👍😃🌹🌹🌹


Anchor Of Awareness

Thank you! Just what I needed between tasks on a busy day.


Anchor Of Awareness 

yesterday in van nuys ca

excellent...Thank you Namaste​


yesterday in Johnson City, TN, USA

Thank you 💙


yesterday in Vienna, Austria

Beautiful and very relaxing. Thank you❣️🌼


 in Falmouth, Maine, United States

Very good short meditation to tense than relax muscles. *


 in Sale, Australia

Thankyou - great way to start the day


​ in Edmonton, Canada

very comforting​


 in Westlake Village, CA, USA

Thank you. ❤️


 Schwerin, Germany

Thank you 🙏

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