Taking the gap

Zoom is great but give me a human in the flesh anyday. We love our kids but a little me time wouldn't go amis, The relentless juggling act of all that home and family entails and the once defined lines of work/personal time can easily become blurred as home and office have become one. You know that feeling when life feels out of balance. You become irritable, a little down and lack the motivation you once had.

Taking the gap needs to be scheduled into your day. These moments of headspace are as necessary as that first cup of coffee each morning. Consider setting a reminder to get outside, walk the dogs, do a few star jumps, play some music, whatever supports your positive state of mind.

It's so easy to just let these healthy habits slip but now more than ever I encourage you not just to take the gap when you can but schedule that gap because nobody will do it for you.