Sue Landsberg

Hi, I'm Sue. I grew up in Dublin, Ireland. I lived in Italy, Germany, UK and South Africa

for about 24 years before returning to Ireland in 2018 where I found inner happiness

by the sea in Barna, Co. Galway in the west of Ireland.  

I fought against social and general anxiety and struggled with depression, low

self esteem and low confidence and other personal challenges until age 34 at which

point my life turned upon discovering the power of mindfulness and personal

development.  This set the wheels in motion to transforming my life to finding inner

strength and happiness. 


My heart lies in sharing these positively transformative trainings and teachings with


who feels stuck or isolated in their current state. Having lived and worked abroad I

have great intercultural sensitivity to the challenges people face.

My Studies

I have been studying and practicing mindfulness and personal development for many years. 

Some of my studies include:

  • Currently studying Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience (Positive Success Group, Ireland) 2021

  • Positive Intelligence, USA

  • Search Inside Yourself - SIY Leadership Training, Ireland

  • Training delivery and Evaluation QQI level 6 GMC, Ireland

  • The Science of Happiness, Berkeley UC, USA

  • Mindfulness for Teens, Irish Mindfulness Institute, Ireland

  • Mindfulness and the Brain, Peace In Schools, USA

  • The Mindful Living Training Academy (age 4-18) South Africa

  • Beaming Kids School of Yoga (age 4-12) South Africa