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Sue Landsberg

My greatest wish is to share mindfulness techniques that can empower others to manage stress and anxiety and to enhance well being.

I believe that inner well being and happiness create a healthy and fulfilling life. To achieve this I feel we benefit from nurturing our whole being, mentally, physically and emotionally. To achieve this balance, we first need to become aware.


Mindfulness shines a light of awareness on every aspect of our life. We are unable to make changes if unaware or living on autopilot. Once aware we can consciously make choices to change parts of ourselves or our lives that don’t serve us in a helpful and healthy way.

Mindfulness enables us to manage unhelpful thought patterns and negative self-talk which could be sabotaging our path forward. It also makes us aware of our thought - emotion - behavior pattern, thus enabling us to challenge automatic and impulsive reactions.

We become more self-aware. We tend to blame others or situations for how we feel and things that happen “to us”. We cannot control the outside world however we can decide how we respond to it in a helpful way, mindfully aware. Thus reducing our own stress and anxiety levels.

You see it begins with me and you. We can choose and train ourselves not to allow unhelpful thoughts to overwhelm us. We can learn to manage our emotions in a compassionate way that nurtures our self-worth and well being. We can nurture healthier relationships with everyone around us by cultivating mindful listening and speaking. We can choose gratitude, kindness, and compassion. We can choose to work on ourselves first.

Life can be challenging, seem unfair and cause despair but recognizing common humanity can open us to connection and hope from others. We need each other. We are not supposed to go it alone, we wouldn’t survive.

By choosing to focus on the good and reaching out to others our hearts become enriched and open. What follows is a flow into a happier way of being where you and I benefit as does everyone we meet.

This is the power of mindfulness enriching our Inner Happiness one moment at a time.

My Studies

I have been studying and practicing mindfulness and associated subjects for many years.  Some of my studies include:

  • The Mindful Living Training Academy (age 4-18)

  • Beaming Kids School of Yoga (age 4-12)

  • Mindfulness and the brain, Peace In Schools

  • Mindfulness for Teens, Irish Mindfulness Institute

  • The Science of Happiness, Berkeley UC

  • Training delivery and Evaluation QQI level 6 GMC

  • SIY Leadership Training - Search Inside Yourself

  • Positive Intelligence


I have developed:

  • Kids Mindfulness and Yoga curriculum (age 4-9), iPlay Yoga

  • Teen Mindfulness Curriculum (age 12-24), The Mindful Teen Ireland

  • Adult Mindfulness Training Courses, Mindfulness Schools Ireland

I am also a partner in Mindfulness Schools Ireland with Mr. James White. We wrote a primary and secondary school mindfulness curriculum for students.  Our 2-day teacher/caregiver training course has been accredited by CPD U.K. We offer this course nationwide in Ireland throughout the year. 

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