"Mindfulness is the development of present moment awareness where thoughts and feelings are recognized without judgment and with acceptance."


This practice allows you to put space between the stimulus (emotional triggers) and your response.

Mindfulness has become very popular and with good reason. This secular practice has been scientifically validated to open us up to a healthier and happier way of being.


This is a life skill that not just benefits the individual but society as a whole as it fosters compassion, kindness and understanding. The practice of mindfulness is simple yet evokes a plethora of personal and social benefits.


  • Increased​ focus, attention, clarity of thought leading to increased ability to learn, listen and communicate. 

  • Heightened memory and problem-solving skills.

  • Improved organizational ability and higher test results. 

  • Greater emotional intelligence leading to cooperation, patience, kindness, respect and generosity. 

  • Nurturing and cultivation of self-accepting, positive, motivated individuals, fostering balanced, happier, connected, open individuals. 

  • Increased resilience in coping with everyday challenges and quicker recovery from trauma or stress. 

  • Improved mental, physical and emotional health have been documented. ​

  • Individuals report less stress, anxiety, tension, fear and worry.

  • Stress diminishes the ability to learn which causes more stress. This can lead to depression, addictions and eating disorders, impulsivity, aggression, negative emotions, judgment, peer pressure and burn out are all diminished by practicing mindfulness. 

  • You become aware of automatic unhelpful thinking patterns.

  • Learn how to respond rather than react. 

  • Feel more calm, confident and in control

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"Happiness is a state of mind, a choice, a way of living; it is not something to be achieved, it is something to be experienced."