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Are you tired of being overwhelmed
by a constant feeling of stress and anxiety?

I’m here to help you 
learn simple but powerful mindfulness techniques

to bring more peace and calm into daily life.

Struggling with Anxiety?

This short video tutorial will help you learn how to

get instant relief from anxiety & better manage stress

with a simple one-minute technique you can do anytime, anywhere.


Enjoy less stress & more Peace

Learn How to rediscover

your Inner Happy today


A practical self-study video course to help you break free from the chains of anxiety so you can reclaim your joy of living.


A practical self-study video course to help you take back your own power and increase resilience to life’s setbacks and challenges.


A 4 week program that includes four 1-hr long mindfulness coaching sessions delivered live via Zoom.

join others who have found their inner happy...

"I found the 6 week sessions of Mindfulness to be very beneficial to me. Susan has an easy way of teaching, she has an open and relaxed personality which really helped me feel more comfortable. I learned breathing techniques and tips that will help me manage my anxiety and stress levels. I am thankful to Susan for sharing her knowledge and life experiences. This has helped me see how I can change how I react in situations. I appreciate Susan's time and her teaching me, as I have learned lots of useful tips from her in the 6 weeks."
- Lisa, Galway Ireland


"I found the course to be fun and engaging. It was very informative and practical. It opened my eyes and helped me to see things from a new perspective. It gave me new skills to practice and use in everyday life. I recommend this mindfulness course."

- John, Galway, Ireland


“I am thrilled to promote Sue’s online course for anxiety. The course is well put together, practical, easy to follow and easy to use. I would highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from anxiety. Having taken many courses like this myself it’s one I wish was there when I struggled myself with anxiety.”

- J.W. Psychotherapist, Cork, Ireland.

About me

Hi, I'm Sue Landsberg, founder of Inner-Happy and your personal mindfulness mentor. I am passionate about helping you find moments of inner calm and stillness in your busy life.


I know how frustrating it is to have that voice of anxiety and stress constantly running in the background as you try to go about enjoying your day.


I struggled with social and general anxiety for 34 years.  The constant and heavy weight of anxiety prevented me from living my life fully...until I discovered mindfulness.  


Practicing mindfulness techniques daily has allowed me to reclaim my life and live with more joy.


Having experienced debilitating fear for so long 

I didn't think it was possible to find relief. 

But now I know that if I could do it, you can too!

After helping many others find true happiness, which can only come from within, it is my purpose to help you manage life's challenges you can embrace your 'Inner Happy.'

My online courses, workshops and retreats help you integrate mindfulness and meditation into your life so you can start reducing stress and feeling more joy today.


Not sure where to start?  

Your path to fulfillment and inner happiness comes from developing and nurturing your self-worth, self acceptance and self-compassion. 


Mindfulness is the perfect tool to help you do that - and I am here to support you in this joyful journey.

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get in touch with me

Sue Landsberg

Barna, Co. Galway, Ireland

+353 87 9400680

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